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  • Xubuntu 12.10
  • DE: XFCE

So I started this conky script

(it is the very first .conkyrc file i nthe top left on and I only changed the font to Poly and the alignment to top_right. That's all. But now it literally is too high in the top, I can't see the first line (whatever it says--I don't know).

Although I am aware of and I am pretty clueless. What do I do? :)

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I found the answer myself. The solution was to increase the variable gap_y to a value higher than 29.

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This problem caused me no little trouble, for solve it i wrote a script in python3. If you want to use it is here

The script launch conky with the configuration file "~/.conky/conkyrc" and risize it with "wmctrl".

Using: 245 600

the conky window will be scaled to 245x600 px

Finally put the script in the startup list, and enjoy conky :)

If you know python modify the script as you wish.

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I'm sorry, I truly do not understand your answer and what I should/could do with it. That's why I am kind of wary about downloading your python script, although I appreciate the effort. – henry Jan 25 '13 at 16:06
Oh, sorry, I misunderstood, then re-reading I understand your problem. I realized that the Conky window was too high ... – Ceppo93 Jan 26 '13 at 9:23

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