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I'm trying to do a clean installation of ubuntu 12.10 in my desktop computer. I have an Ati/Amd hd 6450

I tried the live-cd and it worked well so i proceed with the installation. It finished ok.

and when log in ok too But when do update and upgrade the kernel from defual one 3.5.0-17 to latest one and reboot screen keeps blinking with only one multicolor line at the top. and try to install version of kernel but face same problem only this kernel boot perfect (3.5.0-17 to 3.5.0-21) any veriosn make problen and tried to download latest version of kernel from kernel.org (3.7.1) same problem too happened

so I remove this distro and install the long term support is 12.04 but this version make same problem in first boot

I wanna ask why do that I can before install all version and all kernel without any problem with open source vga card but now I can't why that?

number 2 I feel that ubuntu is heavy on my computer although I have 4Gb ram and 3 core in my processor and Have Ati 6450

here is video for this problem and sorry for bad quailty


I post my problem as bug here


last thing I found strange somthing today that in kernel 3.5.0-22 when boot from it directly make problem that I told it but when i do suspend of course computer turn off and then when i switch of it's work I don't know why

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