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So I have a binary application that works. What should I do to get "full" integration with Kubuntu? (Info about Ubuntu specific steps should help too)

Things I would like to achieve:

  • Placing app files in location allowing running it by every user present in system
  • Adding entry to main applications menu
  • Adding entry to context menu
  • Integrating with MIME
  • Integrating with app launchers (like Alt+F2 for kde)
  • What ever else you can think of ...

Or maybe I should suffer a bit more and prepare whole package for easy installation and removal?

(Currently I need to launch it by supplying full path to executable)

P.S. There is already question : How integrate manually installed app into the desktop?

But it only deals with shortcut(application menu) creation, for applications "placed" in user home folder.

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Point 1: Place in /usr/bin - I don't use Kubuntu so I won't chime in on the other questions. –  Elder Geek Jun 13 '14 at 15:40
Each of your points are separate questions. Dealing with them separately is not only required, but far more likely to get you acceptable answers. –  Elder Geek Jun 13 '14 at 15:42

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If you can build a binary that works on your system, the next step is to package it as a .deb so that it can easily be installed. This is a big topic with an unfortunately steep learning curve, but the Ubuntu Packaging Guide has some introductory information.

More directly, you'll probably want to use debhelper to build your package. Most of the integration points you list work via .desktop files, which are described in specifications.

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