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Is there any way to remove or configure the following Unity keyboard shortcuts?

I want to make use of these keyboard shortcuts, but I have no use for what they're currently assigned to.

  • Super+M (Music Search)
  • Super+A (Application Search)
  • Super+C (Picture Search)

The keyboard settings utility does not show these anywhere.

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You need to remove existing lense keyboard binding.

  • To do so, open a nautilus with with root by executing gksu nautilus

  • Navigate to /usr/share/unity/lenses, Now goto appropriate lenses directory .

  • Inside the folder, there will be a Shortcut field, remove or edit as you want.


To assign new command for these shortcut, you need to install compizconfig-settings-manager Install compizconfig-settings-manager and use Commands section at top.

More config info - How can I configure Unity?

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Wow. Thanks! Is this documented anywhere? Were you part of the Unity development team by any chance? This works for me because I have a single-user system, but is there any way to configure this on a per-user basis? Perhaps some sort of user-space override of /usr/share/unity/lenses -- something in .config or similar? – namuol Jan 26 '13 at 8:37
These kinds of hidden stuff are just a mess. Why are they not available by the other keyboard bindings menus - as described in the OP?? – javadba May 22 '15 at 8:53

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