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I am unable to see the desktop after i log into Ubuntu. I just downloaded it and used the Wubi downloader and I am almost positive I installed it correctly. But after I login the screen goes pixelated, freezes, and reboots my computer. I have tried trouble shooting and I'm so lost. Help Please.

Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) 130 processor 2.60 GHz Memory (RAM): 4gb

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Can you try to uninstall and try again? And maybe download the ISO again as well? –  Karthik T Jan 25 '13 at 4:55
Please add your computer specs esp. graphics card before reinstalling. Also try... hold Shift key after selecting Ubuntu until the Grub menu appears, then choose Advanced options, Recovery mode, and then Resume normal boot. See if that makes a difference –  bcbc Jan 25 '13 at 6:06
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