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I have a Samsung Series 9 notebook 15" (model NP900X3C) and I would like to adjust the screen settings (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.).

If I go to System SettingsColor, I see my screen listed as a device, but I have to add a profile in order to 'calibrate'. I am clueless about how to do that.

Is this the right place to go? Is there another way to change the screen settings?

The graphics card is an Intel HD3000 integrated one and I'm running Ubuntu 12.10

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@gertvdijk Intel HD 3000 Graphics. In All Settings > Details > graphics, I have : Driver: unknown, Experience: Standard – pinouchon Jan 25 '13 at 0:12

Open in System Settings → Brightness and Lock

enter image description here

Otherwise, play with xgamma. For instance, type in terminal

 xgamma -gamma 1.3

Read the manpage to see how to change only blue, red or green. Once you set the best gamma that fits your needs, you can write a bash script: create a file in your /home directory. Paste the content of your gamma settings. For example:

#! /bin/bash
xgamma -gamma 1.3

Save it and make it executable. Finally add it to the Startup Applications.

enter image description here

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