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0 down vote I am having 64bit windows 8 machine. I have tried a lot, installing the wubi and still it shows the wubildr.mbr file missing during boot. I installed Win7 and did the same, the problem still exists!!!! My system is ASUS u57a notebook, 2.5GHz dual Intel core i5 processor , 750HDD. BIOS:American Megatrends IncK55A.204, 3/13/2012; SMBIOS Version :2.7 ; BIOS Mode : UFEI

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Please describe the steps you have taken so far. "I have tried a lot" and lots of exclamation marks are not useful for people who want to help you. – Sander Steffann Jan 25 '13 at 10:21
Also: this has nothing to do with Ubuntu so you asked your question in the wrong place... – Sander Steffann Jan 25 '13 at 10:22

The last I heard, WUBI didn't work on EFI-based computers, so you won't get Linux working that way unless you re-install Windows in BIOS mode. Instead, I recommend you look at either a conventional dual-boot configuration without WUBI or run Ubuntu in a virtual machine.

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