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I've added a network printer. Both the host and guest are Ubuntu.

The printer added fine, but the system asks for authentication when I try to print. I typed the host's (the account that installed the printer) username/password, didn't work. I typed the guest's username/password, it didn't work either.

What username and password do I enter?

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How did you share the printer? There are two methods, one is via samba (windows) and the other is via ipp/cups (unix). As far as I know, cups doesn't require authentication by default unless you've set it up that way. Samba on the other hand does by default.

I would recommend using cups sharing, ipp works in windows clients as well as any other client and is well supported in Ubuntu. You simply go to your System > Administration > Printing and select Server > Settings.

printer settings dialog

You can then visit the ip address of your server in any web browser at port 631 to check you get a connection and access to the printer:


If you do this, your other machine should see this shared printer automatically. Configuration should then be automatic and you should not have any passwords to deal with.

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Cool. Thanks, I didn't know this was possible. :) I was gonna ask how I can find out in what way I shared it, but it doesn't matter. I'll just do it again this way. – Ramon Tayag Feb 8 '11 at 7:40

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