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I am trying to run a GATE application via jetty web application server in Ubuntu. I am getting 


No such file or directory because of a particular GATE plugin (MultiPaX) which is trying to access "minipar.linux" located in


I have set read and write permissions to this file and directory, as well as allowing executing the file as a program. I get a Permission Denied error, when disallowing program execution. I have set all directories containing the file +x via chmod -R 755 /all/directories/up/to/file/

Is this a file permission problem? or could there be another cause?

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Since it's a "Permission Denied" error, it'd definitely a permissions error.
Try chmod 666 and see if that fixes it. That gives everyone read/write access. You don't want to open it up like that though, so if it does fix it, then chown the file to the user who is running Jetty and chmod it back to 644.

To find the user running Jetty:

ps aux | grep jetty

To change ownership of the file:

chown jettyuser.jettyuser /path/to/file
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Unfortunately chmod 666 didn't work. The error is now error=13, Permission denied. I am completely stuck.. – MachuPichu Jan 25 '13 at 5:35
The user running jetty is root and changing ownership has no effect.. – MachuPichu Jan 26 '13 at 0:17

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