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So here is what I want to do:

  1. Set an Ubuntu Desktop box as a media center for my TV.
  2. Use the same box as a local network storage.
  3. Need to have VPN access to the same box from other outside computers.

The media center part is simple enough. The rest is where I'm having trouble.

Here is the local network setup I have in place:

  • I get DSL Internet from a Speedtouch modem (fixed IP) with DHCP setup.
  • Internet goes via cable to a Cisco e1000 wireless router set as a regular switch.
  • Further on there is a cable connection from the e1000 to my Windows 7 desktop.
  • Then there is the ubuntu desktop box using a 300 mb wireless connection.
  • There is also a WD media player using the wireless connection.
  • An HP printer uses the wireless wireless connection.
  • Multiple Android phones and an iPad may be connected also.

As said before, Internet is routed by the modem, using dynamic IP allocation. The most important thing is being able to access the Ubuntu server via a VPN so I could access my work from outside computers. And, of course, still being able for the rest of the stuff (media player, printer, phones, tablets, etc.) to access the network and Internet.

Can anyone give feedback about how to set up the VPN to achieve these goals?

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