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I'm making a little Live USB with my own distro, nicknamed "Hackbuntu" - it is basically a little bootable USB drive that you plug into a computer, boot it up, and then feel like a ninja when you're off visiting Onionland and decrypting Truecrypt volumes.

I can pretty much hanlde setting it up the way I like, but I want to change the default boot logo, the white "ubuntu" on a purple background, to a light green "hackbuntu" on a dark, dark green background. (The way that Lubuntu displays "lubuntu" on a sky blue background during boot-up.)

I can't figure out how to do this, however. I've found a few goodies in /syslinux, but I can't manage to get it customized all the way. I need someone to explain all that I need to do, because it appears that quite a bit of the "image" is actually rendered from info provided in configuration files. (e.g., /syslinux/bootlogo is making me NUTS trying to figure out what to do with it... It's a CPIO archive with some sort of binary file called init inside of it...)

  • I've read this, but it doesn't give much info on how to customize live media... My USB drive is only 4 Gig, so installing a normal install on the USB stick is out of the picture...

  • I've already seen this question, which does not explain how to customize live media. (Live Media, such as a Live USB drive, lacks the /lib/plymouth directory entirely, making all answers from the aforementioned question invalid.)

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/usr/share/plymouth – Jahid May 22 at 19:01

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