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Possible Duplicate:
Unity doesn’t load, no Launcher, no Dash appears

I did fresh install of Ubuntu 12.10. Everything was fine but now I don’t have anything but a desktop picture. I can get into my Terminal and launch Firefox that way but can't do much more. I forced a reboot a few times but nothing pops up just my pretty water picture. Anybody got an idea how to bring up my side menu and time and logout menu.

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< and > are command place holders: You might try and type into a terminal < sudo unity --replace >

and see if that works or maybe 1st < sudo apt-get clean > then < sudo apt-get update --fix-missing > or then < sudo apt-get install --reinstall unity > Ubuntu 12.10 does not play well with my older comps I had to do complete reinstall of 12.04, in my case it was a compatibility issue with the display driver, Hope I helped.

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you can open a terminal using ctrl+alt+T i have done this to access applications ,disks you just need to move cursor to extreme left and want get access to home or computer or network just move on top left of the screen

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