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I have many jpeg files in a directory, and I want to convet them to pdf and concatenate them together to make a document. How can it be done? Preferably from the command line as it will be faster.

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From the imagemagick package, use the convert command:

convert *.jpg pictures.pdf

You will get a single pdf containing all jpg in the current folder.

Install IM with:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

source: stackoverflow

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Wow, this is soooo convenient! –  king_julien Apr 19 at 21:39
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Worked for me:

convert page1.jpg page2.jpg +compress file.pdf

or even:

convert -rotate 90 page\*.jpg +compress file.pdf

From ubuntuforums.org, the +compress helps it to not hang as well as presumably making the resulting PDF smaller.

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I have used http://convert-my-image.com/ The positive thing that you can provide (the same site but different page) an archive of images and concatenate them to the common pdf

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convert `ls -1v` file.pdf
  • This ls will list one file a time in a "natural order" (1,2,3...) and proceed with conversion.
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Most of the time I use http://convertjpgpdf.net/ althought im looking for a local program as I dont have internet all the time... Someone got a clue?

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