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Some time ago I installed Ubuntu 11.10 as a second OS on my PC. Primary OS is Win 7. As I'm running Win 7 on a SSD, I had to move Ubuntu to another harddrive. The installation actually worked and I got presented a boot-up screen with which operation system to choose.

Unfortunately Ubuntu, once started never worked reliable. It was slow and freezing all the time. Updates and Upgrades couldn't be installed and messed up GRUB so that neither Ubuntu or Windows could boot anymore. I then always had to restore GRUB (2)? - No idea how I did this back then, guess I just followed some instructions on ubuntu.com. At least I was always able to use Win 7 again after that.

Today I gave it another try and wanted to upgrade to 12.04 to see if I can get rid of all the problems. I used this tutorial: How do I upgrade from 10.04 or 11.10 to 12.04? using the 12.04 Live CD. As my 11.10 system probably still was broken, I never made it to the option that suggests to "Upgrade Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 LTS". Instead, at some point, I got an option like "Reinstall 12.04 LTS" which is strange, because I wasn't aware to have already installed 12.04. But I did this and guess what, couldn't start Win7 nor Ubuntu again.

I then used the Live CD again, found and installed "Boot-Repair" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair, which restored GRUB and let me start Win 7 again. But the boot-up dialog to choose the operating system has gone completely. Win 7 starts directly.

Boot-Repair generated a report and I hope that you can help me with this mess maybe to get 12.04 running along with Win 7 on my PC. Here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1562399/

Any help would be appreciated

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