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I'd like to know how to install a Dutch dictionary in the mail program Evolution for Ubuntu. In Preferences I can see which dictionaries (all English) are installed but not how to add another dictionary.

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The package you are looking is called aspell-nl.

To install from a command line, press Ctrl-Alt-t), and enter the command: sudo apt-get install aspell-nl.

To install from Synaptic, follow these instructions (adapted from here):

  1. Open Synaptic package manager and search for "aspell dutch". Check the box(Mark for installation) next to aspell-nl and apply to install.
  2. Restart Evolution.
  3. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Composer Preferences -> Spell Checking

    You should see the Dutch/Flemish language dictionary installed.

Then open a new message and verify that the spell check works correctly.

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actually it is hunspell, not aspell what does the trick – nippur Feb 19 at 15:17

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