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I'm trying out Xubuntu via the live USB.

I need to set the mouse to be left handed, i.e so when I 'right click', its treated as a left click, and vice versa.

This works fine in Ubuntu, but in Xubuntu, if I go to settings -> Mouse and set it as left handed, it has no effect.

Is this a bug, or only a problem that occurs on the live cd? Should I install or will this problem persist?

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I have a normal Ubuntu install, where I added the XFCE desktop, and I get the same problem. – wobbily_col Oct 5 '15 at 8:49

I'm not having this trouble with the live Xubuntu usb. The setting takes effect as soon as soon as I click left-handed. Forgive me for asking, but just to cover all possibilities, are you sure it's not working? Have you tried clicking around?

The setting in Mouse and Touchpad can be overridden by settings in Settings Manager > Settings > Other (Scroll to the bottom) > Settings Editor

In the Settings Editor, choose Pointers under the Channel pane. You should see your mouse listed. You may have to expand the drop-down arrow, but you should see a Property named RightHanded and two check boxes: Locked and Value. Make sure these are both unchecked.

If this takes care of it for you, keep in mind that the left-handed setting is just for the live environment. You will still need to set the mouse to left-handed after installing.

If this does not take care of it, I wonder if there is a compatibility problem with your mouse. Please edit you question to include to kind of mouse you are usinge

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On 14.04, when I go to Settings -> Mouse and Touchpad there are two devices listed. On for the keyboard and one for the mouse. I have no idea why the keyboard shows up under the Mouse setting.

Make sure to change the device to your mouse, and then set the settings to use left-handed buttons.

I had the same problem, largely because I didn't read what was listed in the device section (why bother, I only have one mouse...) and so selecting left-handed buttons (for the keyboard) did nothing...

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