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i am not able to copy file in /var/www with sudo cp /home/index.html /var/www

the error is

cp:omitting directory '/home/index.html'

then i used -r, sudo cp -r /home/index.html /var/www, then the error is

cp: cannot overwrite non-directory '/var/www/index.html' with directory '/home/index.html'
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Is /home/index.html a file or folder? I'm not sure, but your error message make it looks like it is a folder, but it should be a regular file. – iBelieve Jan 22 '13 at 18:24

Judging by the error message, /home/index.html is a directory (folder), not a file, and /var/www/index.html already exists and it is a regular file.

To see if /home/index.html is a directory, try:

file /home/index.html

It will probably say: /home/index.html: directory.

If that's the case, you cannot copy a directory over file. Maybe the file you're trying to copy is inside the directory /home/index.html? Then the command would be something like

sudo cp -r /home/index.html/index.html /var/www
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