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How to disable the annoying task pane from appearing everytime I run Impress from Libreoffice. I do not want to keep going everytime to untick it in the View tab.

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This is a known bug (see here: It looks like there was a fix added to the code recently, I tested libreoffice 4.0 (pre-release) and it seems to be working as you would expect there.

To get version 4 (there are possibly other ways) start here: pick 32bit or 64bit deb (for ubuntu) pick your language pick version 4.0.0 download & extract (at this point I'd use synaptic to uninstall all libreoffice things you have, but strictly speaking I guess this isn't necessary) in the DEBS dir, run "sudo dpkg --install *.deb" and it will install to /opt/libreoffice4.0 or somesuch.

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