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I've been trying to do this ubuntu thing and it has been a major headache all day. I did both the wubi and full disc image installs, neither is playing nice with windows. After a successful install and reboot to windows, windows has a cow. Cannot load the task manager, "Computer" folder can't display and crashes. Eventually screen goes black (except mouse still works) and I just hard restart after nothing happens.

The install seems to be acting funny. I got the partition helper on the first full install, and set it to 300gb of my 1TB hd. When ubuntu came up, it appeared to be using the 700GB partition and had access to all of my windows folders (which was sweet, but....) Then when I got to windows, it was also using the 700GB partition and was acting like someone had violated it. Several system restores using the repair disc and headaches later I got my machine working again as win7 only. The Wubi install had the same effect on windows. 12.04 wubi worked fine with no glitches, but then I couldn't get it to connect to anything and was already fairly agitated from everything else and gave up.

So... what did I do wrong?

EDIT: both installs have this issue. I could try the install again later and get boot info but as of right now all ubuntu files are deleted from the machine.

Wubi 12.10 18gb install - windows malfunctions. Opening "computer" folder causes window to act like it has to load contents (green loading bar in false url box). Lots of things stop working

Ubuntu 12.10 disc install - same thing. Partition created using ubuntu disc, not using windows.

New hard drives in came in mail today anyways. Will try installing on separate hard drives. I suspect the ubuntu disc partition wizard did something it shouldn't have. If this resolves I will just post again as an answer to this for others to read.

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Please clean up your question with details. It is hard to distinguish which install has which problem. wubi doesn't create partition, it uses virtual disks and use them where as for native install you need to create a partition and format that using ext filesystem. Are you following any guide? Definitely ubuntu can access ntfs paritition too that is treated as advantage. You can block windows drive to mount but that is a different question. –  Web-E Jan 22 '13 at 6:10
Installing ubuntu on separate partition can not disturb your windows disk, unless you open up ubuntu, browse to windows partition and delete some system file those are used by windows 7. –  Web-E Jan 22 '13 at 6:12
Please indicate your BootInfo URL help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Info –  LovinBuntu Jan 23 '13 at 7:38
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