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After I installed juju through the ppa and bootstrapped it, I haven't been able to deploy anything. Juju responds with this:

$ juju deploy mysql
2013-01-21 22:44:53,394 INFO Searching for charm cs:precise/mysql in charm store
2013-01-21 22:45:05,592 ERROR could not connect before timeout

It happens with every charm I've tried.

I'm running Ubuntu Server 12.10. Fresh install too. 12.10 has been a real pain. Probably going to revert to 12.04 and wait it out until Raring if it's not going to work soon.

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I got same error, in MAAS 1.5

The problem was I set my MAAS server time as my local time PST, After I changed it to UTC , it worked.

After full installation of my services I changed time zone to my local time again.

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I've got the exact same error and after running with '-v' it became clear the problem was with the zookeeper server, which indeed wasn't running:

2013-02-28 18:19:02,019:18960(0x7f172f531700):ZOO_INFO@zookeeper_init@727: Initiating client connection, host= sessionTimeout=10000 watcher=0x7f172eda0700 sessionId=0 sessionPasswd= context=0x1ec9150 flags=0

I couldn't find out why it wasn't running, but the problem went away after I changed my data-dir in environments.yaml and ran 'juju bootstrap' again.

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You would receive that error if you were unable to connect to the Juju charm store at http://jujucharms.com/. So, you might be blocked by a firewall that is preventing you from connecting to the charm store and so it is timing out, when it tries to download the mysql charm.

You could check that you can connect to the charm store by trying the command:

wget http://jujucharms.com/

It should save an index.html file if you can connect. If it times out you have a problem accessing the charm store and you would have to manually copy the charms locally and then use a command like:

juju deploy --repository /path/to/charm-repo local:mysql

If you want to download a copy of all the charms from the charm store for copying to your system then install the package charm-tools and use the following commands:

cd dir/where/you/will/store/this
mkdir -p charm-repo/precise
charm getall charm-repo/precise

If you have no luck and want to debug juju further use the -v flag for verbose output:

juju -v deploy mysql

Hope that helps.

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