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I have an existing Mythbuntu client system and a Mythbuntu client/server system on a private LAN with static IPs. They are both connected to a private LAN using WiFi.

Because of speed issues, I wish provide a dedicated static, point to point, wireless link between the client and server independent of the existing LAN.

I have an wireless access point (AP) and a wireless NIC (WNIC) with which to do this.

Since both client and client/server are connected to the LAN using WNICs, this means either the client or server will have 2 WNICs, something networkmanager ( cannot handle.

I will put the AP on the client since it has an available wired LAN connection for the AP, and the server uses its wired LAN connection to a small sub-network using DHCP.

Currently I am testing with a USB-wireless while awaiting the 3rd WNIC. Preliminary testing results show this is a workable solution.

This is where I am stuck:

  1. How to enable the 2 WNICs on the server.
  2. How to set up the 2 wireless connections on the server without using networkmanager and keep the existing "shared with other computers" setting on the server's wired LAN. I presume using iwconfig (iw 3.2-1) and if config (net-tools 1.60-24.1ubuntu2).

Background. The server is a Mythbuntu HTPC in the den and the client is a Mythbuntu HTPC (which dual boots Windows) in the master bedroom. The firewall/switch for the wired LAN and another AP is in the home office. The servers DHCP sub-network provides connections for the DVD, Blu-ray and television/monitor. The WNICs are Rosewill RNX-N150PCx PCIs, the APs are Linksys WRT54GLs with DD-WRT (Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 07/22/09 voip), Mythbuntu is 0.26 with fixes and Mythbuntu is 12.04.1.

Suggestions, pointers and suggestions are requested, thanks for any help in advance.

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