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I am new to linux. I installed xubuntu using a usb live disk. It installed correctly however grub (the multi os loader) is on the usb. When I boot without the usb it only loads windows. The installation is good since I can boot from the usb, once booted I can remove the stick and verify that the installation is on the hard drive.
How do i move safely move the boot mechanism from the usb to the hard drive?

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Possible duplicate of Grub rescue problem after installing ubuntu. That's about restoring GRUB when it's installed to the wrong device's MBR, which seems to be what's asked here. Another related question is How can I repair grub? (How to get Ubuntu back after installing Windows?). (That's a the more general question, not limited to situations where Windows triggered the problem.) – Eliah Kagan Jan 22 '13 at 6:53

Just found the answer to my own question in case someone needs this in the future. The trick is to use boot-repair and make sure to select advance then install the mbr on the main hard drive (eg sba1). Follow this url for more info -

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Boot with your usb attached, and type at a root terminal:

grub-setup /dev/sda

Remove your usb and reboot.

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