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I have created a file, admin, that I want to assign to a group, admingroup, and later on give a specific user, adminuser, exclusive access to that file but I have no idea how.

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This is very easy in POSIX based systems.


chown adminuser:admingroup admin

That will make the owner of the file specificly adminuser and the entire group admingroup.

Then you will likely want to:

chmod a-rwx admin
chomd ug+rwx admin

That will remove all permissions from admin and then give user and group access to read write and execute the admin file.

This is a very decent tutorial on file permissions, though there are better ones. This should get you started though.

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You could also run chmod o-rwx to just remove others abaility to read/write/execute, or use about a hundred other methods. Use ls -lah to view permissions on files. – coteyr Jan 21 '13 at 17:43

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