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For me, copying the switcher logic from an another OS to Ubuntu is the worst UX nightmare ever. Having a logical separation between an application and the windows of an application just does not work in my case. I'm very much used to alt-tab switching keyboard focus from current window to where it was previously, and alt-tab-tab to where it was before either of those.

Current switcher breaks the alt-tab-tab behavior, especially working with two gnome-terminal windows and an IDE is very painful -- I have to concentrate to think where I am switching to, breaking the flow: consider a case where I switch between two windows for 10 minutes. Then I want to go the third window. If the two windows were terminal windows, I switch to the IDE with alt-tab-tab. If the two windows were one of the terminals and the IDE, alt-tab-tab switches the focus to something completely different. The behavior is context sensitive, and that really is not either intuitive nor user friendly. When this happens 30 times a day, it's a productivity killer. I have tried to adjust myself to the idea, unsuccessfully.

Is there a way to make Ubuntu switcher to restore the age-old alt-tab-tab behavior?

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Okay this was resolved with the answer in another question. I enabled Static Switcher from ccsm. –  m-h Jan 21 '13 at 11:17
In this case, you can either flag your own question as a duplicate of that question, or - if the questions are sufficiently unique - add an answer to your own question detailing how to do this, citing the linked answer as a source. –  FEichinger Jan 21 '13 at 11:21
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