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As said in the title, is there a solution for this? Before my actual Android phone, I had a Nokia and for it there were some applications in the repo for this aim (series60-remote, xgnokii, wammu).

* Addition *

Clearly,I want to connect my phone to ubuntu-box (via usb, bluetooth...) and from here receive and send sms

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the best method i found was to use airdroid which works over your wifi and with your browser.

you just install the app and follow the simple instructions.

you can access all the great things on your phone :-) you can send and receive sms get notifications for phone calls manage your files etc. there is a new version which is in beta at the moment which will give more options like connecting over 3g network. hope this helps :-)

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I've installed airdroid, but I need my phone to be in internet. Also, I don't have a wireless point at home, I have a 3g usb pen to connect to internet with my pc. – the_candyman Jan 25 '13 at 13:00

If you are still interested, there is an app called SMS Control Center that lets you do this. It only offers a windows client but I can confirm you can run it through wine.

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