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If using the manual keyword in an init or override Upstart script, it is not clear whether the services shut down process will be initiated or it will just be killed on shut down.

For instance, will MySQLs default timeout be extended (giving it enough time to flush buffers, as specified in the init script) when the manual override is used? If not, would it be preferable to use a start on never setting, or do manually started services need to also be manually shut down?

The Upstart Cookbook has little to say on the matter.

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I think you must have overlooked something as this is really clear in the link you provided:

5.2.1 Observations

There are some important points related to system shutdown:


  • Upstart never stops a job with no stop on condition.


5.2.2 Shutdown Process


One of the scripts run is /etc/init.d/sendsigs.

This script will kill any remaining processes not already stopped (including Upstart processes).

In this sendsigs script it's explained:

Upstart has a method to set a kill timeout and so the job author may want us to wait longer than 10 seconds (as in the case of mysql). (LP: #688541)

We will wait up to 300 seconds for any jobs in stop/killed state. Any kill timeout higher than that will be overridden by the need to shutdown. NOTE the re-use of seq from above, since we already waited up to 10 seconds for them.

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Manual stanza refers to starting a job. See Upstart Technical Overview: Manual stanza. Therefore, a stop stanza defined in the overridden configuration file will be fully respected.

In the case of the MySQL server it is more important to define/override pre-start, post-start and kill timeout stanzas. For details examine default mysql.conf

cat /etc/init/mysql.conf

Blog entry Ubuntu Upstart for automatic MySQL start and stop has several ideas on how to improve default MySQL Upstart configuration file.

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