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I'm a returning user to Ubuntu, I've used it several years ago and now I'm getting back.

I use calibre do manage my e-books collection, and I have a desktop running win7 and my notebook running Ubuntu. All my library is on my desktop, how can I make my Ubuntu's Calibre access my library on my desktop?

Note: I can access my library normaly via file explorer.

When I had windows on this notebook, I needed only to tell calibre that the way is:


I don't know what's the equivalent to this on Ubuntu, when I hovered the mouse over the mentioned folder on the file explorer, it gave me a link:


But when I tried to input this on Calibre, it understood it as:


I don't know how to tell it that this location is on the network.

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Maybe calibre doesn't support smb protocol. – saji89 Jan 21 '13 at 8:36
I guess it does, I just used the file path provided by the answerer of this question. – Voyska Jan 21 '13 at 8:42

Once you have accessed the shared drive, Ubuntu typically creates a link to it under ~/.gvfs/ - probably named "bibliotecado on gustavu-pc".

Have a look in that directory (it's hidden, so you'll be best using a terminal - type ls ~/.gvfs/. Then you can tell Calibre to look in that directory.

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I got this: ls: cannot access /home/g/.gvfs/: No such file or directory – Voyska Jan 21 '13 at 8:22
I guess I got it, I've made calibre access the folder described by this question, once inside the folder I could access the shared directory. – Voyska Jan 21 '13 at 8:43

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