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You can't imagine how happy I am after I finally managed to install Ubuntu for the 1st time today. But I still need some help to know how to boot into the other side of my schizophrenic computer, i.e. Windows!


AT BOOTING, I access the GRUB menu, with 2 possible Windows 8 bootings (the system + another recovery drive), and both of them are currently dead ends, providing this message : invalid efi file path... Can I fix this?

Before the install, I defragged plus shrunk my 500MB disk from pre-installed Windows 8. During Ubuntu 12.04 (Daily Build) Install, I shrunk again my Win disk to 64GB, added a 4 GB swap, a 128 GB media disk (to be formatted NTFS later), and used the rest of free place for my EXT 4 Ubuntu disk. Was it wrong to shrink again my Windows disk? Did it damage the access to Win 8?

So you know,

My Computer is a Samsung 532U3C, Prior to install BIOS was set to Disabled Fast Boot, Disabled Secure Mode, and UEFI OS. I have a recovery CD for Windows 8 in my possession, made before the install.

Thanks for your help. Very much.

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Try the boot-repair utility described here:

I use the 2nd option from a live CD, which is best if you have an Ubuntu Live CD handy (should be the one you installed Ubuntu with).

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I followed your advice and chose option 2. Then Boot Repair worked its magic and provided me with a working WINDOWS 8 UEFI LOADER entrance in GRUB, making both OS accessible. Thanks Scott!! – Denise Jan 21 '13 at 1:22

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