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so ive got windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10 dual booted with Windows 8 bootloader and grub timeout set to 0.

When it boots i dont even see the orange logo with the orange dots (loading screen) just a blank scrren think a flicker of a purple one, but then i see my fully logged in unity session, i have a password set, i did set it to prompt for login during the instalation and if i go into my user accounts the automatic login is off??

Ive seen this : but i have no clue how to get gnome system tools, if someone has the ppa please share :)

Hoping for it to show me the login screen every time i boot, and ask for password, note i can access the login screen by locking the Pc.

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seem to have fixed it by constantly typing

sudo gpasswd -d username nopasswdlogin

although it never reprted a sucess the problem is fixed:D

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