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I just setup an Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS Virtualbox (guest) in an OSX Lion host.

It's mostly fine, but one annoyance is that, to switch between apps in the Ubuntu guest's interface, I need to press ⌥-TAB (aka Option Key-TAB), whereas my brain/finger wiring calls for pressing ⌘-TAB (aka Command Key-TAB). To be more specific, it calls for pressing Left-⌘-TAB. (Left-⌘ = the ⌘ key to the left of the space bar.)

Is there a way to re-map the Ubuntu guest's app-switching action to Left-⌘-TAB?

(FWIW, currently I have the VirtualBox's host key mapped to Right-⌘, but I'd be happy to change this setting if it conflicts with the solution to the problem above.)

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Open System Settings/Keyboard, there select the Shortcuts Tab. Now select Navigation and scroll down till you find Switch Applications. There you can select another shortcut just by typing it.

enter image description here

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