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A few days ago, I upgraded from 12.04 LTS to 12.10. The update went smoother than the last time I tried to update (Unity 3D didn't work and I had to reinstall from scratch after trying everything). Biggest issue I've had so far other than Firefox crashing all the time when I try to load pages is the artifacts that have been blocking my status bar. I installed an update yesterday that had some packages related to "headers" and the glitch changed. Before, it would only happen while I was browsing Firefox, and sometimes the artifacts would go away, only to come back. Now they are always there, no matter what apps I have running, and even if try to fix them by logging out and back in or something. My status bar still works even though something is in the way, I just can't see what I'm clicking.

I've provided pictures of different ways the artifacts display and how they affect my regular usage of Ubuntu.

My graphics are AMD Radeon HD 6620G. I don't think I have the fglrx drivers installed. Could that be it?


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