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I've searched for the last hour or so for this, and haven't had any luck. I've extracted the BackTrack 5 ISO to my usb, and put all the file in the folder "bt5r3-gnome-64".

I have already installed GRUB2 to the drive and I have another non-ubuntu distro in it's own folder which currently boots just fine. I looked at the config that came with it and adjusted the paths in the GRUB2 menu entry to point to it's folder.

The problem is, when I try doing this with BackTrack/Ubuntu, it can't seem to find the new location of the casper folder. From what I've read, it seems to be hard-coded to look in /casper. I want it to look in /bt5r3-gnome-64/capser. Is there a way I can do this with a kernel parameter? Or is there more I have to change?

I know I could just use the loop method, but I'd rather do it this way, if it isn't too much work.


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