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I'm just trying Testdrive.

I have problems downloading maverick release, natty iso download is working.

Could you help?

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Are you seeing any output at all? Can you also run testdrive-gtk from a command line and see if there is any useful output there? You can paste any relevant output into your question. – belacqua Feb 2 '11 at 19:24
i had no more time yesterday to test, problem seems to be solved this morning, thy for the fast answer, while pressing Sync testdrive downloads the files. Server problems?? :/ – Reivax Feb 3 '11 at 10:09

As one of the upstreams of TestDrive, I can confirm that the issue was server-side rather than with TestDrive! It is fixed now though.

A bug report was filed against this issue. I hope this information helps. If there's any further syncing issues or any other one, please don't hesitate to file bugs!

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problem seems to be solved this morning, while pressing Sync testdrive downloads the files. Server problems?? :/

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Are you looking for the ISO file of Ubuntu 10.10?

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