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I used to have a discrete graphics card, but then I decided to rely on the integrated graphics chip to decrease power consumption as I only use the computer for browsing/thunderbird/torrent/HD clips.

the nVidia card (discrete) was detected as unknown, and so is my ATI X1250 integrated graphics chip... how can I make sure that xserver-xorg-video-radeon is being utilized and edit its settings or fiddle with it ? unity after a while become slow and needs a restart to return to normal pace...and my HD videos are not as snappy (lower frame rate). I know this is not a hardware capability problem because windows was playing nicely...and I don't want to go to windows..I fell in love with ubuntu.

Desktop PC M2A-VM AM2+ socket AMD 5000+ dual core 3GB Ram 3TB storage

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I have failed to deal with this after trying many many solutions, and reverted to the nVidia card. Although I may say that i am sure that the latest drivers or beta drivers from ATI will remedy this but I just could be hassled. –  Abdul Hamdy Aug 26 '13 at 21:03

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