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I am trying to setup my Thinkpad T420 with xmonad as window manager and with as little gnome as possible. If I launch gnome-settings-manager all my hotkeys (disable touchpad, volume up/down, brightness up/down mute etc) works and sleep when closing lid works.

If I do not launch the gnome-settings-manager (which I am trying to avoid) only the brightness up/down works (disable touchpad, volume, sleep when closing lid etc. does not work).

So I'm trying to understand how all this works. Why are the brightness keys (fn+home/end) different from disable touchpad (fn+f8)?

I thought I had cracked it, that it was just /etc/acpi/ and /etc/acpi/event scripts being called upon all the actions but that does not seem to be the case. What does Gnome do that makes it all work and how do I set it up without Gnome (i.e. tie the hotkey presses to the correct acpi scripts or the like)? Do I need another power manager to listen for the key events or ?

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