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I just recently ran updates on my Ubuntu 12.04LTS and noticed that there were updates to PulseAudio. Just my luck and I have discovered an issue with no sound via only headphones. I have verified that I have sound via PC Speakers but when using no headphones no sound at all.

I have also verified that headphones are ok, I have tested them on multiple devices and I'm able to hear sound just fine.

Something must have changed within pulse audio to break sound via headphones, how can I troubleshoot this?

Headphone working perfectly fine until I updated Ubuntu. What information can I provide to help resolve the issue.

Please help!!!

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My headphones use to work as well. After the update did the following:

Headphone jack not working?

Now my headphones work.

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My worked for short period of time now another update has been pushed out and I have to use Alsamixer to turn them on again – shaolin Mar 7 '13 at 3:36

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