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I'm currently running Ubuntu 12.10 on a desktop with a nVidia GT 640 that is giving me alot of problems. Everytime I boot, I get a mouse cursor over a blank black screen.

Booting using nomodeset gives me full resolution on only one of the monitors, but only over a reduced screen area (it's really weird). I've narrowed it down to the fact that merely setting acpi=off in GRUB will enable this.

The strangest part is that I can get it to work. If I totally reinstall the mesa package using sudo apt-get --reinstall install libgl1-mesa-glx and use the default driver (the open source one) then I get a boot where both monitors are recognized at full resolution, no problem. However, once I restart, the same error happens.

Is there a way I can get these monitors to be recognized on the first try, no problem? Thanks.

p.s. I'm dual booting and everything works fine on Windows, so I don't think any of the hardware is faulty (just poorly programmed :. I don't really like windows, however, I prefer Ubuntu.

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I was having similar problems with Ubuntu 12.10 and a Nvidia ASUS GT640 graphics card. Trying proprietary 310 Nvidia driver wasn't helping since it makes my desktop dramatically loosing performance.

Then, I thought about switching to the pre-build of Ubuntu 13.04 (got the .iso from here: So I burnt it and made a fresh install.

The first impression was good, the desktop behaviour with the open-source driver was quite much better than using it with Ubuntu 12.10. I decided to try out Steam for Linux. The in-game behaviour was still lacking a lot (Tried TF2). Then I've went to the Ubuntu Software Center application and installed the proprietary, tested 310 Nvidia driver.

Once I restarted the system, everything went Ok for me! Good screen resolution, good desktop behaviour, and surprise! Steam for Linux In-game behaviour quite NICE! playing TF2 with my profile recommended configuration happily! :D

I recommend to give Ubuntu 13.04 the chance! Try it, it worked in my case.

My computer's profile: CPU: AMD Athlon x64 3.0 Ghz x2 (6000+) RAM: 4Gb DDR2 667Mhz GPU: Nvidia ASUS GT640 2Gb

Hope these help you! And I apologyze for my english poor skills ;p

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