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Modern ultrabooks and hybrids pack sufficient power to serve as development workstations. Still, 1920x1080 screen resolution fits much better to a 23'' than 13''. There is a range of USB 3.0 devices with HDMI which make docking possible on Windows.

However, googling for 'usb 3.0 docking station ubuntu' and variants produces no valid pointers. I can find questions like 'does X work with linux' on windows-mostly hardware forums, but they are mostly left unanswered.

Please provide an answer from hand-on experience or a link to a USB 3.0 device use case.

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Unfortunately, I believe there are none. A detailed discussion lambasting Displaylink for lack of Linux driver is here:

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You can try upgrading to the latest kernel which has DisplayLink drivers baked in.

Just make sure you get the latest version which at the time of this posting is 3.10.10. See this url for the latest kernel.

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