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Can you help me to find out how do I clear the Cache files or unnecessary or lib that can be updated on new ubuntu install

i used "ubuntu 12.10"

this my top size file/folder list:

4380MiB /usr
2784MiB /usr/share
1641MiB /usr/share/icons
1541MiB /usr/share/icons/codex
1424MiB /usr/share/icons/codex/.icon-theme.cache
1263MiB /usr/lib
513MiB  /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu
213MiB  /usr/share/fonts
208MiB  /usr/bin
199MiB  /usr/share/fonts/truetype
179MiB  /usr/lib/libreoffice
138MiB  /usr/lib/libreoffice/program
131MiB  /usr/share/locale
106MiB  /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine
100MiB  /usr/src

399MiB  /var
196MiB  /var/lib
188MiB  /var/cache
88MiB   /var/cache/apt-xapian-index/index.2
88MiB   /var/cache/apt-xapian-index
87MiB   /var/lib/apt
86MiB   /var/lib/apt/lists
80MiB   /var/lib/dpkg
72MiB   /var/lib/dpkg/info
51MiB   /var/cache/apt

thanks alot

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I found this software, is helped me for clear cache and unneeded files

sudo apt-get install bleachbit

or from site

i hope this tool can help someone have same problem

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Now you can set as "answered" – ed0 May 19 '14 at 19:46

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