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I have recently bought new desktop. Everything works flawlessly in Ubuntu 12.10 64bit, except my (kinda outdated) wireless PCI card Realtek 8185. So I am about to buy new one.

Please can you recommend a PCI card (or at least chipset), that is known to work in new Ubuntu without glitches (no need to wrap Windows, drivers etc...). The information I have found on the web seems to be far too inconsistent, so I would like to hear some experiences.

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This is very close (or even on) the edge of the FAQ stating: "This is not the right place for: Shopping Recommendations" – gertvdijk Jan 18 '13 at 12:07

I would heartily recommend the EDIMAX n300 EW-7722In Wireless 802.11b/g/n 32-bit PCI Adaptor. NOT low profile & Windows did not suspend & reconnect properly, but the driver is now in the kernel & it worked flawlessly with Ubuntu/Linux. I sold mine on eBay as needed to dual boot with Windows.

I now use a Realtek RTL8188CU Based Chip ~ USB Wireless NIC (Edimax EW-7811Un USB wireless/Solwise NET-WL-UMD-606N) as need to dual boot. However driver needs compiling with every kernel.

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Intel Wireless cards are known to work very well in Linux. Unfortunately, not many plain PCI products have been developed and their main focus is on the mobile/notebook market. As far as I can see, only one is still available:

Also refer to these community maintained pages:

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