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Well, I've heard that Ubuntu is a Great Operating System, and I'd LOVE to try it. I have a MacBook, and don't want to replace OS X Mountain Lion. How do try Ubuntu without uninstalling OS X?

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First, welcome to Ask Ubuntu! Second, do you want to TRY it, or permanently install it alongside OS X? If you just want to try it, I'd recommend VirtualBox. Otherwise, I could tell you how to install it next to OS X using rEFIt so you can choose when you start the computer. I currently have Ubuntu 12.10 running alongside OS X on my MacBook Pro - it works great. – nick Jan 17 '13 at 23:39

You can use VirtualBox for OSX

This will let you run a copy of Ubuntu in a window on your Mac. You could also shrink your OSX partition and use ReFit, but if this is your first time with Ubuntu and you want to just try it, I would stick with VirtualBox (or, if you have it, VMWare)

Instructions for shrinking your OSX disk space to make room for Ubuntu and doing a dual boot install are here:

But note the comment about using this on recent macs and the latest Ubuntu

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