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i have this file myfirst.txt located on a cluster of computers down the hall, i.e.:

myname@login1:~> ls

which i want to download to the home directory:

scp .

to which i get:

myfirst.txt                                   100% 1828     1.8KB/s   00:00

now where (on my home computer) is this myfirst.txt file ? i can't find it. It's not visible when i click 'show hidden files' either.


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It's in the current directory. To check you should be able to just do:


Make a note of the directory and it's contents. If the file isn't there, then it's not copied. Make sure you don't have more arguments in that command.

If you have a desktop, this sort of thing can be done via the desktop gui too. You simply mount the ssh server as an sftp from Places > Connect to Server

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thanks for the GUI hint. – user2413 Feb 2 '11 at 11:39
scp .

Here you are running scp with two arguments. The first is the source, a remote file: The last argument is the destination. In your case: .. . is the current directory, so the file will end up in your current directory.

If you want it to go somewhere else, then specify another directory, e.g.

scp /tmp

This will copy it to /tmp

You can also specify a new name for it. E.g.

scp /tmp/info.txt
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