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I had a Unity environment on my laptop and yesterday I decide to change it to kde, so I typed:

sudo apt-get install kde

and installation was correct, I choose lightdm in menuconfig as default login shell/service. After reboot, I have preety Ubuntu kde login screen, but when I type login and password lightdm dont pass me to desktop, and X-Server reset itself, and again I see a a KDE login window. (I have option to choose Unity, gnome, kde unity-2D all of them restarts X11)

Is possible to fix that and use kde and lightdm? Or I must remove one of them? My goal is to dont use Unity, but I dont want reinstall by ubuntu to xbuntu or something similar.

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ps. I tried to apt-get install lightdm --reinstall but it don't help me – Mazeryt Jan 17 '13 at 23:18
I would recommend installing kubuntu-desktop via sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop to make sure all the dependancies are configured and setup. – jjesse Apr 18 '13 at 2:42

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