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I have been looking for a way to theme the Pidgin conversation window to match my Ubuntu (12.10) theme. I have tracked it down to the gtkrc-2.0 (gtkrc-3.0?) file and now know that if a customized file is placed in the .purple directory, the default theme will be overridden. This would work IF I could find the Pidgin GTK widget names for the conversation window.

My ultimate goal would be to add the theme styles to my current theme (Ambiance-dark) along with the widget name calls so that I would only have to backup a single directory for my theme.

Question: Does anyone have the widget names for Pidgin readily available? I know of 2 that possibly pertain to the conversation window:

...but I really don't know what these affect.

Please feel free to edit my post to help clarify/simplify. I am somewhat new to Linux and Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance.

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have you tried… – Jay May 7 '13 at 18:01
That looks exactly like what I want... however, it says it's only for 32-bit architecture (my box is 64-bit). Sooo close... Thanks for the link! – ionyx May 7 '13 at 20:50

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