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How can I unzip such files in ubuntu?
I have a list of files end with those extensions


they have the same 'filename' with different suffix in extension. And gzaa, to gzae has the same file size 1.1G and gzaf has a small file size.

I think all these files are 1 big zip file.

how can i unzip them?

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Have you attempted using wildcards? What have you tried, and what happened? Also, what shell are you using?(I'm assuming Bash) – hexafraction Jan 16 '13 at 21:27
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Based on the file extensions, it seems like you're trying to extract something you downloaded from Symantec. If so, run this:

cat filename.tar.gz* > temp.tar.gz

to combine the split files, and then

tar zxvf temp.tar.gz

to extract the resulting archive.

Update It seems that the files are for Symantec Storage Foundation (link here).

Sources: this and this

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