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I have installed Ubuntu on my new 13.3 inch 1280x800 MacBook Pro. It works great, but the fonts are kinda differently sized from the Mac programs, and I am wondering if I need to change the DPI. Looking at the Apple site doesn't tell me the DPI that this computer is.

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Well, it doesn't tell you definitively, but we can outsmart them!

You have 800 (vertical, but I'm sure they're using square pixels, so horizontal should be the same) pixels, and the "depth" of a 13" MBP is 8.94 inches. I'm going to be sloppy and chop an inch off of that for the bezel, which gives us ~800/7.94=100 DPI. But we know an inch is too much, so if we instead say half an inch, we get ~800/8.44=95 DPI.

Truth is probably somewhere in between. But, conveniently, 96 DPI is a common density, particularly for laptop LCDs in the 13" range.

So, there's your probable answer: 96 DPI.

That said, Ubuntu may or may not be properly detecting that DPI already. It might just plain be defaulting to bigger fonts than OS X (in my experience it does tend to do so).

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The actual pixel density of the MacBook screen is 113 dpi, but OS X seems to default to 72 regardless of the actual screen dimensions.

So 113 will give you accurate font sizes compared to print (but won't fit very much text on the screen), while 72 will make the font sizes more like OS X.

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I found this website, which does exactly what you are looking for

Give Horizontal and vertical screen resolutions and screen size(in Inches) as the input and the site displays the required DPI for the system. See below.

enter image description here

What more if you want a python script to do it, here you go.

BTW the answer to your specific query is DPI=113

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