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I have removed my discrete Nvidia GPU from my PC and I was planing to use my internal Intel HD 2500 instead. But it does not work properly. Since then I am missing my Unity launcher and the top menu. I have tried to reinstall several stuff and purged the nvidia-driver, but nothing helped so far.

If you need further information just mention it.

I am glad for every help!

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You need to look at his:-

specifically for yourself down the bottom, where there is:-

Luckily if you find yourself in the same situation as me, you can very easily revert to the standard Open Source driver [ATI/Radeon] as follows:- Get the System Settings screen after clicking the top right settings icon. Select Software Sources and Additional Drivers tab. Select the AMD/ATI dispaly driver wrapper option and Apply Changes Logout and back in again

Good luck pardner!

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