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I am using Ubuntu windows installer to install Ubuntu a safer way ... first time it installed correctly but due to some issues I uninstalled Ubuntu..

but now it is always sticking at almost finished copying files .. the progress bar is always at 70 percent ...

is there any way to fix this ?

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1)Check whether you uninstalled it properly 2) Check for the virtual drive in the directory you first installed (if present delete that) 3) Run a registry cleaning software( eg: ccleaner) 4)Disable any antivirus / security programs 5)try installing using Wubi

P.S: Also check that the source you are using to install Ubuntu through Wubi is NOT corrupted.

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what do you mean by virtual drive in a directory? well I've installed daemon tools for creating a virtual drive .... and this I don't suppose that the source is corrupted... – omerjerk Jan 17 '13 at 2:58

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