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I have miss-configured my LiveUSB installation and now when I run boot from it I get an error.

How can I erase LiveUSB data? Can it be done from the booting LiveUSB menu?

For some weird reason LiveCD remembers the state between runs. That is a very cool feature, but I need to reset all that data.

I have problem with MBR on my hard drive and I want to install Ubuntu, however I can't since booting from CD has now its own problems.

When I run the LiveUSB I get an error right away. I don't have option to install Ubuntu. After waiting 20 minutes I get an option to log in into Ubuntu.

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Guessing creating a new USB stick with Ubuntu from another computer is not an option? – Bruno Pereira Jan 16 '13 at 10:23
After waiting 20 minutes I get an option to log in into Ubuntu.. Can you log in? There is an option to Install Ubuntu when you are in live session. And I don't really get what data are you trying to clear and what for? – Pavel A Jan 16 '13 at 19:23
Pavel : livecd data. there is no option to login or install ubuntu. because there are errors. I will try to create new usb stick with ubuntu, but now its not an option (I only have one computer at home) – UAdapter Jan 16 '13 at 22:38

All your changed data is stored in a file/partition named/labeled "casper-rw". You should be able to mount either one, and delete/add/change things. Not everything you add can be seen, for instance /etc/fstab, but most things can. You can even change the boot commands on your boot media -- edit syslinux/txt.cfg and remove the "persistent" word on the append line (in several places).

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