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After having my own server at home for a year now I am ready to take the step and replace my windows server 2008 environment with Ubuntu. My server's hard drive is partitioned into three partitions, one for the OS and two for data of different kinds.

My biggest concern about this change is how it will affect the other partitions on my server, the ones holding the data.

Since they are NTFS partitions I am afraid that my data will be unreachable from Ubuntu or that the partitions will have to be reformatted due to the installation of Ubuntu.

Any help is much appreciated.

Edit: Current setup is like this:
No raid, one physical disk of 500GB
partition 1 - NTFS - Operating system and software
parition 2 - NTFS - Storage, mainly data related to webserver/mailserver, short term storage.
partition 3 - NTFS - Storage, larger data for long term storage.

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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! Could you be more specific to what your question is? Do you want to migrate your data to a native Ubuntu file system? Do you want to keep the current partitions and file system and access them from within Ubuntu? What kind of data is it? (e.g. if it's application specific data you'll need to migrate it anyway, in most cases) And please share more about your current storage set up. (independent disks, RAID card, etc.) (Q. title seems changed by editor in the meantime - not sure if that's exactly your issue) –  gertvdijk Jan 15 '13 at 20:12
Mounting NTFS partitions with read/write permissions using NTFS-3G should be relatively straightforward if that's what you want. –  Herman Torjussen Jan 15 '13 at 20:15
@gertvdijk this will be a native ubuntu system, no dual boot or similar. It's the data I want to keep and that I'm worried about. The data ranges from source code to .iso files. –  Mick0n Jan 15 '13 at 20:20
@htor It wouldn't be any problem to do this after a clean ubuntu install on partition 1? –  Mick0n Jan 15 '13 at 20:21
On a Linux server I wouldn't really recommend using an NTFS file system because of it not being a very much integrated part of Ubuntu/Linux and much more of a "add-on". For reliability I'd recommend sticking with well-tested major file systems for Linux, like Ext3/4, XFS, etc. The consideration on whether or not to migrate has more facets though, like downtime impacts. –  gertvdijk Jan 16 '13 at 14:41

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